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Gaming smart phone

We will introduce recommended models of “gaming smartphones” that are perfect for playing games, including the latest models in 2023, regardless of carrier or SIM-free version.

The main features of gaming smartphones are as follows.

  • Mass storage (ROM/RAM)
  • Latest CPU/GPU
  • high refresh rate
  • High-performance cooling system
  • large capacity battery

By understanding these features, you can choose a smartphone that is more suitable for gaming.

If you’re wondering, “What exactly is a gaming smartphone?”, we’ll explain how to choose a smartphone that’s suitable for gaming, so please use this as a reference.

2023 Fall/Winter model spec comparison chart

*You can scroll horizontally.

product imageDetailed linkCPURAM/ROMScreen sizeweightbattery run timerelease date
Galaxy Z Flip5Galaxy Z Flip5detailSnapdragon 8 Gen 28GB/256GBOpen: 6.7 inches
Closed: 3.4 inches
187g3,700mAhSeptember 2023
Galaxy Z Fold5Galaxy Z Fold5detailSnapdragon 8 Gen 212GB/256GB, 512GBOpen: 7.6 inches
Closed: 6.2 inches
253g4,400mAhSeptember 2023
Google Pixel 8Google Pixel 8detailGoogle Tensor G38GB/128GB6.2 inches187g4,575mAhOctober 2023
Google Pixel 8 ProGoogle Pixel 8 ProdetailGoogle Tensor G312GB/256GB, 512GB6.7 inch213g5,050mAhOctober 2023
Xperia 5VXperia 5VdetailSnapdragon 8 Gen 28GB/128GB6.1 inch182g5,000mAhOctober 2023
AQUOS sense8AQUOS sense8detailSnapdragon 6 Gen 16GB/128GB6.1 inch159g5,000mAhNovember 2023
Redmi 12 5GRedmi 12 5GdetailSnapdrago 4 Gen 24GB/128GB6.8 inch200g5,000mAhOctober 2023
Xiaomi 13TXiaomi 13TdetailMediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra8GB/256GB6.7 inch197g5,000mAhDecember 2023

What are the characteristics of gaming smartphones?

First of all, a gaming smartphone is a smartphone equipped with high-spec performance specialized for processing game applications.

It can be said that smartphones that meet the following points mentioned at the beginning are specialized in processing game applications.

  • Mass storage (ROM/RAM)
  • Latest CPU/GPU
  • high refresh rate
  • High-performance cooling system
  • large capacity battery

There are many terms that you are not used to hearing… We will explain what role each function plays in actual use.

By understanding these things, you can choose the right gaming smartphone.

Simply put, ROM is a storage capacity that can store data. The larger the capacity, the more photos, videos, and game application data can be stored.

In particular, game apps often download 3D game terrain and map data to smartphones in advance, so the smartphone needs to be equipped with a large-capacity ROM. The recommended ROM for gaming is 256GB to 512 GB.

“RAM” is like a data processing workshop, and the larger the RAM capacity, the smoother multitasking will be.

Games progress by processing a large amount of data in real time, so your movements will be choppy if you don’t have a multitasking environment.

For gaming, you want at least 8GB of RAM, and around 12GB is ideal.

Equipped with the latest CPU/GPU

gaming smartphone
What is CPU/GPU?
Source: ROG Phone 6|ASUS

The “CPU” is the core of data processing, and the more up-to-date and high-spec CPU it is equipped with, the faster the data processing speed will be, and the faster you can play games.

The difference with “RAM” is that CPU represents the “work speed” of data processing per second, and RAM represents the “work amount” of data processing at one time.

In other words, sophisticated processing is only possible when the CPU and RAM capacities are balanced.

If you are using an Android smartphone, choose one with a CPU of the typical Snapdragon 888 or higher.

“GPU” is a data processing facility specializing in graphic processing. For data that requires real-time image processing, such as videos and games, this GPU plays the main role in processing the graphic data.

Remember that the CPU is the commander who sends out data signals, the RAM is the workplace, and the GPU is the worker.

high refresh rate

gaming smartphone
Is the refresh rate important?
Source: ROG Phone 6|ASUS

Refresh rate indicates the speed at which still images are displayed on the screen per second.

In other words, the higher the refresh rate value, the smoother the screen display will be.

The number of general-purpose models that support 120Hz is increasing, so although there are individual differences, as a guideline for a value suitable for gaming, you want 144Hz or higher.

■  Is refresh rate important?

Even if the processing performance of the CPU and GPU is high, if the number of frames displayed is small, the screen may flicker or the screen may suddenly jump out.

Recently, the number of smartphone games that put a lot of emphasis on graphics has increased, and when playing such games, if the refresh rate is low, you will not be able to fully enjoy the images.

I want to play on my gaming smartphone! Most of the games that I think of have a large amount of information, and the high refresh rate means that the screen display speed is fast, so you can enjoy the game’s images more smoothly and to the fullest.

High-performance cooling system

gaming smartphone
ROG Phone 5s cooling system
Source: ROG Phone 6|ASUS

A well-equipped cooling system is also a factor in determining whether a smartphone is suitable for gaming.

When doing work that puts a load on the smartphone’s processing, such as playing game apps, the smartphone itself can become overheated by running the drive system at full capacity.

Heat buildup tends to slow down the system, so a good cooling system is a key factor in maintaining long-term performance.

larger battery capacity

gaming smartphone
ROG Phone 5s battery capacity
quote source: ROG Phone 6 | ASUS

When playing games outdoors, battery capacity is important.

A gaming smartphone is a “smartphone” rather than a game console, so in addition to playing games, you may also use it to view SNS or watch YouTube.

Therefore, if you want to play games that consume a lot of battery power while also doing other things, you will need a certain amount of battery capacity.

Many smartphones these days are focusing on battery life as well as cameras, but it is important to choose a model with a large battery capacity in case of an emergency.

As a guideline, you should choose a model with 4,500mAh or more.

Also, some models support quick charging, so while this is not essential, it is a good idea to keep an eye on it as it is convenient.

4 recommended gaming smartphones sold by carriers/MVNOs

Gaming smartphone recommendations
Which gaming smartphone do you recommend?
Source: ROG Phone 6|ASUS

Now, based on the points we have explained so far, we will introduce carefully selected recommended “gaming smartphones” from smartphones sold as SIM-free by carriers (Docomo, AU, Softbank) and MVNOs.

If you are having trouble choosing a smartphone for gaming, please use this as a reference.

*You can scroll horizontally.

Product namedetailproduct imageROMRAMCPUrefresh ratebattery
1Galaxy S23 UltradetailGalaxy S23 Ultra256GB512GB1TB12GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2120Hz5,000mAh
2iPhone 15 Pro / 15 Pro MaxdetailiPhone 15 Pro / 15 Pro Max256GB512GB1TBprivateA17 Pro120Hzprivate
3Xperia 1VdetailXperia 1V256GB12GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2240Hz5,000mAh
FourAQUOS R8 prodetailAQUOS R8 pro256GB12GBSnapdragon 8 Gen 2

recommended cheap gaming smartphones

Gaming smartphone recommendations
Which gaming smartphone do you recommend?
Source: ROG Phone 6|ASUS

So far, we have introduced four smartphones based on their performance and functions that make them comfortable for playing games, but all of them have top-class performance, so all of them cost more than 100,000 yen.

However, since it is not a game-focused device, some people may be looking for a more affordable model that allows them to play games more comfortably.

Therefore, we would like to introduce two cost-effective models that have decent performance, albeit with slightly lower performance, but at a much lower price.

Product namedetailproduct imageROMRAMCPUrefresh ratebattery
1OPPO Reno9 AdetailGalaxy S23 Ultra128GB8GBSnapdragon 69590Hz4,500mAh
2Xiaomi 12T Prodetailxiaomi_12T_pro128GB512GB8GBSnapdragon 8+ Gen 1


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