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How to read the top technology trends for 2024–Gartner explains.

 How to read the top technology trends for 2024–Gartner explains. Technology of Japan. Major Fact of Japan. Information of Japan.

 Gartner Japan is holding its annual conference “Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2023″ from November 13th to 15th. As part of this, we announced “Top Strategic Technology Trends in 2024,” the latest version of “trends that will disrupt business and lay the groundwork for innovation over the next three years.” Vice President and his analyst Takeshi Ikeda provided commentary.

 In 2023, generative AI will become a social boom, not just in the IT industry. Generative AI was the main theme of the keynote speech at this event , and the company stated that generative AI will bring us to “2023 when we are convinced of a new relationship between humans and machines and digitalization begins to accelerate.”. Mr. Ikeda points out that the background to the attention paid to generative AI is the evolution of various technologies over the past few years, including DX, IoT, 5G, digital twins, cloud, data analytics, and security.


 These technologies connect everything in the real world, where data is generated and accumulated, and companies want to use data to make better decisions and judgments quickly and promptly. When it comes to top strategic technology trends, chief information officers (CIOs) need to properly consider their company’s business objectives, understand the individual characteristics of each technology, and work toward those objectives. is desired.

“Top Strategic Technology Trends in 2024” (Source: Gartner Japan)

 Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024 features 10 top trends under three themes: “Protecting Investments”, “Rise of Builders”, and “Delivering Value”. “Investment protection” focuses on reliability, safety, ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance), and is said to be a technology trend that leads to corporate sustainability. “Rise of the Builder” is a technology trend that allows people involved in applications and services to work efficiently and creatively, and the focus will be on how to make Japan’s contract-based development culture more creative. “Delivering value” refers to the experiences that will be required of future businesses, and also touches on the movement toward “machine customization.”

3 Top Trends in “Investment Protection”

 The top trends under the theme of “Investment Protection” are “AI TRiSM (AI Trust, Risk, Security Management)” and “CTEM (Continuous Threat Exposure Management)” ” and “sustainable technology.”

How to read the top technology trends for 2024--Gartner explains.

AI TRiSM (AI reliability/risk/security management)

 The company’s survey of CIOs found that in 2021, 73% of respondents said they were “running more than 100 AI models,” in 2022, 48% said they had “deployed AI technology,” and in 2023, 3-4. In this month’s survey, 45% of respondents said they had increased their AI budget. On the other hand, 40% said they faced security and privacy issues with AI.

 Although generative AI has benefits such as improved user productivity, concerns have also been exposed, such as invasion of privacy in data learning, generation of false information, bias, and abuse of cyber attacks. Mr. Ikeda pointed out that when deploying AI, companies are faced with the decision of whether to proceed with it or not, taking into account these concerns. “Transparency, control, and accountability are important. Vendors and others have developed guidelines and examples have emerged, so these can also be helpful.”

CTEM (Continuous Threat Exposure Management)

 CTEM mainly focuses on cybersecurity. The basic principle of current vulnerability management is to promptly apply patches, but as more and more vulnerability information is published every day, it is becoming difficult to put this principle into practice. Therefore, CTEM involves evaluating not only the vulnerabilities themselves, but also how they affect businesses, etc., and prioritizing responses to those with higher risks. Mr. Ikeda explained that it is important to make decisions from both business and system perspectives and that if CTEM can be put into practice, the risk of security breaches could be reduced by about one-third.

sustainable technology

 Sustainable technology refers to technology that supports corporate sustainability from ESG and other perspectives. In its 2022 survey, 74% of CIOs believed that “sustainability increases digital maturity,” and 86% said that it “increases resilience.” The themes include environmental contributions, corporate governance, and social diversity, but “more familiar examples include saving electricity,” Mr. Ikeda said. However, since actual business activities always involve the use of environmental resources to achieve results, it is necessary to consider the balance between “burden and results.”



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