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Sun moon smart vibration bracelet with Milan rope

Elevate your style and stay connected with the Sun Moon smart vibration bracelet featuring a sleek Milan rope design. Track lunar phases and receive notifications discreetly with this fashionable wearable tech accessory. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and functionality today.

Express your love and shine with all your vibrations and light.

 With just a simple touch, your partner’s bracelet will light up and vibrate at any distance. Each touch means “I’m thinking of you.” Feel free to customize your expression, including color and vibration intensity. All vibrations reach the heart, thoughts, and soul of the loved one.

These bracelets symbolize the unbreakable bond between mother and child, reminding them that they are always connected. Mother and child can never be separated. We may be separated by distance, but we are always connected in our hearts.

Sun moon smart vibration bracelet with Milan rope

The most stylish bohemian design elements – the moon and stars!
This piece was designed based on the concept that “A mother’s love is like the moon and the stars: it always exists and continues to shine.” The moon and star design represents the unbreakable bond between mother and child. A mother’s love is always by her child’s side, watching over her child like the ever-present moon and stars in the sky.

 The back side of Jane Austen from  “My Heart is, and Always Will be Yours”.

Sun moon smart vibration bracelet with Milan rope

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Equipped with the advanced self-developed NB16 smart chip, totwoo has once again led the smart jewelry industry with its masterpiece.

New feature: Send an I love you signal

With the latest update, you can now send an “I love you” signal with a long press. You can check the connection status of Totwoo in real-time. If you touch the top two and the light stays on, it’s connected.


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