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The short key of the keyboard

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It seems like you’re asking for a list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts. Here are some general keyboard shortcuts that are widely used:

  1. Ctrl + C: Copy
  2. Ctrl + X: Cut
  3. Ctrl + V: Paste
  4. Ctrl + Z: Undo
  5. Ctrl + Y: Redo
  6. Ctrl + S: Save
  7. Ctrl + P: Print
  8. Ctrl + A: Select All
  9. Ctrl + F: Find
  10. Ctrl + N: New (for creating a new document or window)
  11. Ctrl + O: Open (to open a file)
  12. Ctrl + W: Close window or tab
  13. Ctrl + T: Open a new tab in browsers
  14. Ctrl + Tab: Switch between tabs
  15. Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder
  16. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
  17. Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications/windows
  18. Alt + F4: Close the active program/window
  19. Windows Key + L: Lock the computer
  20. Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab in browsers

For more short keys:

Note: These shortcuts are based on common usage in Windows environments. Mac and Linux systems may use different shortcuts. Additionally, specific applications may have their own unique shortcuts.

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