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What is a white hacker? Introducing services where talented white hackers are active

  • A white hacker is an ethical cybersecurity expert who uses their skills to identify and fix vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications. Introducing services where talented white hackers are active, providing comprehensive security solutions to safeguard your digital assets. Collaborate with these skilled professionals to enhance your cybersecurity posture and protect against malicious threats.

White hackers are security personnel who protect users and systems from cyber attacks. With the spread of IT and the Internet, the demand for white hackers is also increasing.

This article provides a detailed summary of the government’s efforts regarding the work, role, and training of white hackers. I will explain it in a way that is easy to understand even for those who have no idea about white hackers.

What is a white hacker?

Introducing services where talented white hackers are active

White hacker is a term that refers to a good hacker. Hacker has many meanings and no clear definition. It is assumed that you are a highly skilled person with extensive knowledge of computers and networks, and the typical meanings are as follows.

  • A person who solves technical problems related to computers
  • a person who programs a computer
  • A person who tries to produce the maximum effect with the minimum effort.
  • Expert in a particular field. or an enthusiastic person
  • When many people think of a hacker, they imagine someone who illegally infiltrates and attacks computer programs. As you can see from the above content, it does not have any malicious or offensive aspects in its original meaning. However, because it was difficult to completely differentiate between definitions, good hackers came to be called “white hackers.”

Difference from black hacker

While white hackers are good hackers, black hackers are people who have the expertise to attack computer programs with malicious intent. As you can see from the definition introduced earlier, good and evil are irrelevant by definition. However, the general image of a hacker tends to refer to someone with malicious intent.

In an attempt to distinguish between the original meaning of good hacker and malicious meaning, some attempts were made to call malicious hackers “crackers.” In the end, the name “cracker” never caught on, and even today, in most cases, the term “hacker” refers to a black hacker.

Difference with security engineer

Security engineers are the equivalent of white hackers. Although there is no clear definition here, security engineers who are technically experts in some field are often called white hackers. Although their roles are somewhat different, both are essential in the online society.

The role of a white hacker

The role of a white hacker

The role of white hackers is to protect governments, companies, and organizations from increasingly diverse cyber attacks .

As the movement toward DX and work style reform intensifies in companies, information assets are increasingly being stored on networks. If information leakage occurs as a result of a cyber attack, it will result in a loss of trust in the company. Therefore, information security measures are essential for companies and organizations and are a high priority task.

Furthermore, in our daily lives, we use many systems that utilize network communication, such as shopping via the Internet, banking, and transportation infrastructure.

The digital information revolution has increased the convenience of IT, but at the same time the number of targets for cyberattacks has increased, and the damage continues. As attack methods have become more sophisticated, roles such as white-hat hackers who have in-depth knowledge of cyber-attacks and can respond to them are becoming increasingly important.

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How to become a white hacker

The role of a white hacker

To become a white hacker, you do not need qualifications or licenses like a doctor or lawyer. Also, to become a white hacker, age, gender, educational background, etc. do not matter.

Now, of course, anyone can call themselves a white hacker, but that is not the case. As a white hacker, you are required to have specialized knowledge and skill in one field. Also, as a responsibility of those with power, a sense of ethics is essential. There are four minimum requirements to become a white hacker:

By possessing these four characteristics and being recognized and evaluated as a white hacker by the experts around you, you will be able to call yourself a white hacker.

As mentioned above, you are not qualified to prove that you are a white-hat hacker. However, as an international certification, “ Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)””there is. This is a certification that teaches you basic attack techniques and tools.

Having a certification doesn’t make you a white hacker, nor does one call themselves a white hacker. This is a position gained through deep technical knowledge and track record in a specific field. It is important to produce results as a security engineer, produce technical books, papers, and other deliverables, and have your activities recognized.

GMO Cyber ​​Security services where white hackers are active

white hacker

Image source: GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ierae

GMO Cyber ​​Security by IeraeThere are many talented white-hat hackers working here. Because we have a large number of white hackers, we are able to provide higher quality security research and countermeasure proposals than other services. GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ierae offers the following services in which white hackers are active.

  • Vulnerability diagnosis
  • Penetration test
  • Incident countermeasures
  • Strengthening security measures

Let’s take a look at what each one does.

Vulnerability diagnosis

Vulnerability diagnosis is a security test that discovers vulnerabilities such as security holes in apps and websites and clarifies the risks they pose. GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ielae includes the following services:

  • Web application diagnosticsA service that discovers vulnerabilities by conducting simulated attacks from an attacker’s perspective.
  • Platform diagnosis (network diagnosis)A service that discovers vulnerabilities and diagnoses security problems caused by deficiencies.

Because we have talented white-hat hackers on staff, we are able to diagnose not only pseudo-attacks using only tools, but also manual pseudo-attacks. Another benefit of having white hackers is that they can diagnose any type of cloud service.

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Penetration testing

A penetration test is a test that actually infiltrates a target and tests how far it can reach. Although it is often confused with vulnerability diagnosis, penetration testing actually investigates what kind of damage can be expected, and there is a big difference in the diagnosis results.

GMO Cyber ​​Security by IeraeWe offer the following services:

  • penetration testA service where white hackers conduct penetration tests based on scenarios prepared in advance to identify threats and possible damage situations.
  • red team exerciseA service that trains the defending Blue Team by conducting attacks from the same perspective as the attackers towards a predefined goal.

Similar to vulnerability diagnosis, penetration testing also uses manual mock attacks in addition to tools. Another feature is that experienced white-hat hackers conduct simulated attacks, allowing them to create specific countermeasures and reports based on the records obtained from penetration tests.

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Incident countermeasures

Incident countermeasures involve investigating the causes of cyber incidents such as ransomware and other virus infections, unauthorized access, and information leaks, and taking countermeasures. Recovery after an attack is also included in incident countermeasures. The service contents are as follows.

  • Digital forensic incident response supportA service that covers everything from the occurrence of an incident to investigation of damage and causes, recovery, and countermeasures.
  • CSIRT supportA service that incorporates knowledge about the latest cyber attacks and provides technical support while working with in-house security personnel until it becomes established at a practical level.

All of these services require a high level of IT knowledge, and if you do not always have the latest knowledge, you will not be able to provide them as a service. GMO Cyber ​​Security by IeraeBecause we have a large number of white-hat hackers, we are able to provide such advanced support.

Strengthening security measures

As the name suggests, security measures enhancement is a service that provides measures to make your current security measures even stronger. You can think of it as after-sales follow-up for various services.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Cloud security advisoryA service where white hackers with experience in cloud diagnosis and development provide advice that can be used in the field.
  • security consultingA service that provides advice and technical support on what countermeasures to take from the perspective of an attacker, which is used in vulnerability diagnosis and penetration testing.

These services require experience and achievements in various development and diagnosis. GMO Cyber ​​Security by IeraeAmong the white hackers affiliated with , these highly skilled individuals provide advice and techniques to strengthen customers’ security measures.


White hackers’ job is to take countermeasures and responses to prevent cyber attacks. As IT advances, cyber crimes are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and the demand for white-hat hackers with deep knowledge is increasing.

To become a white hacker, you need deep and advanced knowledge of security. If you would like to check your company’s security measures, please visit GMO Cyber ​​Security by Yerae.Try using a security research service like , which has excellent white hackers.

Written by: GMO Internet Group, Inc.




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